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Microsoft certified Data and BI Professional. Enthusiastic about solving problems. Currently playing with Azure Functions and XMLA endpoints.

Developing a bare minimum REST API for Azure PostgreSQL Database using Azure Functions with Node.js in Azure Portal

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A step-by-step guide to turning COVID-19 data into stunning Power BI visuals using Microsoft Azure offerings.

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A handy guide for dummies to troubleshoot Azure Key Vault reference errors in Functions App

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A comprehensive guide on how to obtain user identity and authentication claims in a .NET Core Azure Functions App

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Configure identity and authentication in Azure Functions App with Azure AD

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Building an Azure Functions App to return JSON results from Azure Synapse Analytics with Node.js

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Making Sense of Big Data

A step-by-step guide to importing CSV data from ADLS Gen2 to Azure Synapse Analytics by using PolyBase

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Referencing and Accessing Azure Key Vault Secrets in Azure Functions as Environment Variables in Node.js

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A guide on adding and executing an Azure Databricks notebook in Azure Data Factory pipeline with Azure Key Vault safe Access Tokens.

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Using PySpark to incrementally processing and loading schema drifted files to Azure Synapse Analytics data warehouse in Azure Databricks

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Dhyanendra Singh Rathore

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